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We are Jeff, and Janet Phelps, owners of Phelps Waterfowl! We have raised, shown, and kept animals of all shapes and sizes for all of our lives — from steer to goats and especially ducks. We have over two decades' experience raising and breeding ducks from Call ducks to Runners and more! Take a look around, and please contact us by clicking the button below!

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Our Farm Philosophy.

Our goal is to continuously improve the overall quality of the waterfowl that we raise. We accomplish this through our continued selective breeding program that is based on the American Poultry Association's Standards of Perfection, a guide revered by many small animal breeders. We are proud members of the National Call Breeders of America, and The American Poultry Association.

Pointers and Hints.

We have learned a lot about duck breeding throughout our over ten years' experience in the breeding of ducks, and one of the things I want to do most is to help others benefit from the things we have learned throughout the years. Click on this link to read some tips and pointers about breeding, caring for, and raising ducks.

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