About Us

I am finally getting back to updating my site with the help of my future son-in-law. I have gone from the crazy lady dragging 3 little kids to shows to kids getting married and in college. I truly feel the 4-H and poultry experience has benefited all of them.

We have moved to South Carolina. I have always bred my birds to be cold hardy and now we are going the opposite way. Due to life happening, I have not hatched in 2 years and cut my flock to my top ten birds in each color. I have also cut my colors in calls to white, gray, and butterscotch. We also have chocolate, white, and penciled runners.

We have a new “state of the art” barn for our birds. My husband has set up a gravity feed of fresh water off of our pond so that they have constant clean running water through the troughs in the outdoor portion of their pens. Feather quality has improved immensely. See more about this gravity-fed system here.

I hope to resume showing at the Ohio National and a few of the southern shows.

— Janet