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About Us

  • I know this is a long overdue update to my website.  As my kids get older and more involved, my time gets to be less and less.  Iím also back to work now that college is looming in a few years.

  • These and other factors have forced some decisions and changes with our birds.  We will be raising more calls in fewer varieties.  We have stopped fertile egg sales.  This will allow me more freedom in changing my breeding pens around without having to worry about fertility.

  • It is important to remember that this is my hobby.  And on many days is the only thing that keeps me sane.  Iím not into big numbers and points.  We show at 2-3 shows a year.   I do take pride in the evolving quality in my birds.  As I walked thru the sale isle at the Ohio National this year, I was disappointed in the quality of birds being offered.  However, I started with that very quality 8 years ago.  Iíve learned a lot since then.

  • The pictures posted on my site are of birds that I have bred. All my birds are works in process.  Therefore, you will see some long bills and bodies.  Color may be off.   I even have some two toned chocolate calls.  This has been a learning process for me, and I hope others can benefit from my postings.

  • I ended up hatching 186 calls this year.  The hatch rate of eggs that made it to the hatcher was 52%.  Please note that says eggs that made it to the hatcher.  It doesnít take into account infertile or eggs that died during incubation.  Iím sure my white call hatch rate with the total # of eggs set was around 10%.   The best of my whites were hatched by broody mallard and a bluefawn call.    Iím even convinced that not all broodies are good at hatching call eggs.  I have two hens that are very very good.   Even though they are pet quality birds, theyíve hatched out hundreds of dollars worth of calls for me.

  • We made great strides in most varieties.   Our Butterscotch Pullet was the first place pullet at the National Call Meet at the Ohio National.  We also had RV with our black and blue bibbed pullets.  My daughter had BV and RV with a gray call hen and pullet in the Jr Show.  She also had the BV Butterscotch with a cockerel. She won a pair of Blue Butterscotch in the raffle.  She is excited to start with this new project in the spring.




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